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There are two parts to my blogging Real Stories about Murders, Murder Suicides, Accidents and Arson cases. Real World use of frameworks such as Jquery, JSON, and Bootstrap.

Family Of Five Murders Sept 2014 Springville UT
Bennett Relatives

as Ben Strack is a nephew to my brother in Salt Lake City connected at ten year battle with Walnut Creek Police, it's a forgery case, extortion and witness intimidation leading to my attorneys, murders of litigants in my cases, it leads to what I call the

The Alamo/Danville Connection to the Springville Murder Scene CNET Players who are Police Officers either in County Jail, State and Federal Prison.

Very Deadly Politics

Unfortunate Deaths and Incidents near Public Official, Candidates and Public Employees leading to CalPERS A must read if you're in public office or considering running for public office. Featured incidents Eric Nunn 2008, Spinal Meningitis Claims Three Public Figures, Fatal Crash of Supervisor Candidate, Relatives of Powerful State Senators, Attempted Murder of The Homeless Candidate

Recycled Tactics - Murder Suicides

In June 2005, a mom and her daughter found dead in Sonoma County but investigators never shared her connection to the 2004 Gas Pipeline Explosion, The Strack Deaths connected to Walnut Creek Police who refused for over a decade to investigate the Bennett Trust Forgery but this Investor Fraud Summit (Oct 2012) just five minutes away but did not invite local investigators. My complaints with FBI for ten years

The Plaintiff Winners Circle

Begining around 2012, I began to communicate with Attorneys from PG&E, MyersNave and local cities

While engaging attorneys I was also in touch with the California Legislative Services managed by CHP but in reality this is the old State Police which allows them the blend into other agencies with lateral transfers. That is how they penetrated Contra Costa County and local county agencies.

The Fraudulent County

A Contra Costa Specialty

The US Attorney from numerous districts appeared in Rossmoor CA to hold the investors summit. During October 2012 one of largest investor summits sponsored by the US Attorney and related agencies where they gave Rossmoor residents a high level view of investment fraud.

The attendees were the who's who of government fraud.  Their presentations were recorded by American Greed complete with cameras rolling with personal interviews of US Attorney Melinda Hagg and numerous investors.

If you've ever filed a police report that landed in the round file of justice than this will be the show to watch.  While local authorities ignored the fraud cases many managed to grow to billions in losses.  One of the losers happens to be programs like TARP, US Treasury and IRS.

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