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Aegislink - Regional Member Meeting – Midwest

Regional Member Meeting – Midwest
Tuesday, Jan 11, 2022 | Midwest region
Please join Bill Cullen, AEGIS President & CEO, as well as Bill Hillman, Executive Vice President & Chief Underwriting Officer, and George Keefe, Senior Vice President — Member Relations, for an online members-only regional meeting on Tuesday, January 11. This meeting is for member risk managers in the Midwest region.

Online regional meetings are small groups with no more than 30 member companies on Webex sessions. Each attendee is encouraged to participate in the open-forum discussion. We're interested in your thoughts on current insurance market conditions, the pandemic, possible new products and services, other ways AEGIS might help, and whatever else may be on your mind. Over the years, many important initiatives have resulted from regional meetings and we are looking forward to fruitful conversations with you online.

The online regional meeting will run from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm EDT. Use the link to the right to register. Registration will be limited to 30 member companies per Webex meeting. A few days prior to the meeting, we will send you an e-mail with log-in instructions.

We hope you'll invite your supervisor or next-in-command to join us and learn more about AEGIS and our latest initiatives for member companies. 

It has been a while since we have met face-to-face, so we welcome you to turn on your cameras during the session.

We look forward to seeing you.


Former PG&E Counsel Howard V. Golub

Cherry Tomato


PG&E: Feds allege utility violated terms of its criminal probation in the San Bruno explosion, judge sets hearing

SAN FRANCISCO — In another blow to embattled PG&E, federal
officials say the utility may have violated the terms of its probation
imposed after the deadly San Bruno pipeline explosion by failing to
reveal that it was being investigated for causing a fire and settling a
lawsuit over that and two other blazes.

Sometime in August 2004 while a member of Pack 36 Danville I explained to Judge Joel Golub my F-250 exploded on NB-680, then a month later I was severely beaten by Gary Vinson Collins, amazingly a building inspector for the Town of Danville.

Judge William Alsup ordered its lawyers to appear in court Jan. 30 to
answer to allegations filed by a federal probation officer in U.S.
District Court documents Wednesday.
Federal Probation Officer Jennifer Hutchings wrote in the filing that
the company did not report to its probation officer that it reached a
$1.5 million settlement with Butte County in October for its role in
causing three 2017 fires. It also did not report that it was being
criminally investigated by the District Attorney in one of those
blazes, dubbed the Honey Fire, for failure to properly trim trees near
its power lines. The criminal investigation was dropped and no charges
were filed.
“At no time did Pacific Gas and Electric Company report this
investigation by the Butte County District Attorney’s Office to the
probation office,” Hutchings wrote.
Alsup oversees the company’s criminal probation following its
conviction on six felonies related to the 2010 San Bruno explosion
killed eight people. In addition to fines and other penalties, in 2017,
then-U.S. District Judge Thelton Henderson placed the utility on five
years of probation, during which time it was ordered not to “commit
another federal, state, or local crime.”
In a separate filing Wednesday, Alsup proposed that he change
PG&E’s probation to force changes aimed at reducing “to zero the
number of wildfires caused by PG&E in 2019.”
“In light of PG&E’s history of falsification of inspection reports,
PG&E shall, between now and the 2019 Wildfire Season, re-inspect
all of its electrical grid and remove or trim all trees that could fall
onto its power lines, poles or equipment in high-wind conditions,” the
judge wrote.
He also said the company has to monitor its grid and wind conditions
“and may supply electricity only through those parts of its electrical
grid it has determined to be safe under the wind conditions then
In a statement issued late Wednesday a PG&E spokesman, James
Noonan, said, “We are aware of Judge Alsup’s orders and are currently
reviewing. We are committed to complying with all rules and regulations
that apply to our work.”

In recent days, PG&E has said it is considering selling off its gas
division and replacing members of its board of directors as it
struggles with liabilities from the 2017 North Bay fire and the Camp
Fire in November that killed 86 people and devastated the Town of
Paradise. The price of its stock plummeted this week and company is
pondering a bankruptcy filing.
It has reported in regulatory findings that it is vastly underinsured
for the estimated $14 billion in liabilities it is facing over recent
A lawyer involved in the San Bruno case said aid she was both
surprised, but also not surprised that PG&E was found to not report
“It seems irresponsible for PG&E to not report any possible
violation of probation,” she said. “You’d think they’d be under high
alert … It would be the first thing a responsible corporation would
do,” said Attorney Britt Strottman, who represented the city of San
Bruno after the deadly explosion.
She said the judge should reopen the utility’s punishment.
“They probably should be re-sentenced,” said Strottman, a former San
Mateo prosecutor. “That might be the only way they learn their lesson.
A slap on the wrist will not change the culture of PG&E.”

The Insider Terrorists Meeting

Deliver of the Maps during PG&E Meeting

Placed via external drive provided by PG& Pete Bennett's laptop by Ravenel Enterprises SVP Paul Reddit. Meeting Location: Pacific Gas & Electric Company Address: 1850 Gateway Blvd Fl 6, Concord, CA 94520 Phone: (800) 743-5000

California Data Breach and Microsoft Sharepoint

Example map of over 20,000 internal documents directly from the SharePoint Server.


California prosecutors: PG&E could face manslaughter charges — in theory


California prosecutors: PG&E could face manslaughter charges — in theory

Manslaughter and murder are among the crimes Pacific Gas and Electric Co. could have committed under California law if its reckless operation of power lines is found to have sparked any recent deadly wildfire, according to the state’s top prosecutor.
California Attorney General Xavier Becerra and his deputies described to a federal judge Friday a range of possible consequences PG&E could face at the state level, depending on the utility’s “mental state,” if it is deemed responsible for wildfires that have ravaged the state.
The potential crimes vary widely, from minor offenses related to vegetation and power lines to felonies or misdemeanors about causing fires or even implied-malice murder and involuntary manslaughter, prosecutors said.
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Becerra’s office laid out the possibilities in a brief to U.S. District Judge William Alsup, who is considering how the wildfires could affect PG&E’s probation from a criminal case born out of the aftermath to the 2010 San Bruno gas pipeline explosion.

The Untold 2011 PG&E Data Breach

The Walnut Creek Centric Explosions, Fires and Pipe Bombs

Pete Bennett is no stranger to arson or explosions as his truck burst into a ball of fire in 2004


Get Shorty and his laptop

Bennett with son heads to Hillside Covenant Church for the visit with god

This PG&E Data Breach has the potential to destroy large segments of one of the most important Public Utility infrastructures in the country. >>

Former PG&E Programmer

Pete Bennett, adult male who 61 years of age, banned from local homeless shelter, who addressed the CPUC over the murders of relatives and his personal PG&E Experiences said it was "Insider Terrorism"

PG&E Investigator reviewing the LinkedIN Profile of Pete Bennett?

No Problem but why don't you return my phone calls?  Better yet can you pay me?
Bootstrap Image Preview

The Walnut Creek Centric Explosions, Fires and Pipe Bombs

Pete Bennett is no stranger to arson or explosions as his truck burst into a ball of fire in 2004

The Well Kept Secret: The PG&E Data Breach of 2011

On or About July 7, 2011


Storing Sensitive Data in the Cloud?


The Data Breach putting Millions of lives at Risk

If you clicked here then you're interested in what I know.

Energy Terrorism: Is PG&E Under Attack?

Energy Terrorism: Is PG&E Under Attack?

PG&E Data Breach Exhibits #campfire


Who is the PG&E Witness

Who is the PG&E Witness?

Hired by PG&E Certified MBE Vendor during February 2011 by summer his children kidnapped.
By 2017 Contra Costa District Mark Peterson was indicted, took a plea deal and forced to regsign.   A few years earlier numerous police officers were arrested but the story is much deeper.   Those officers are connected to a 2004 arson where I was the target.
Support Us
Bay Area Homeless is about helping those in need.
Founder Pete Bennett was once senior software developer, his equipment stolen, relentlessly attacked due to in part to several witness murders

The San Bruno Explosion is a Murder Investigation

It is Domestic Terrorism Investigation
I met with Ravenel Enterprises SVP Paul Redditt during February 2011 where the interview was pretty easy, it was too easy as I was homeless

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