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PeteBennett.net Your donations can make a difference. to fund awareness on issues affecting many connected to Kidnapping, Parental Abudction, Witness Murders and Explosions. The central location for making a donated can be found on the About page.

A place for to live without fear, without discrimination, intimidation Launched: 2016

Develop concise index focusing from County Level to City, A tool for police, city managers and politicians. A 211 Guide, resources, solutions and opportunities for homelessness.

The Untold Police Corruption Story Launched: 2011

A Resource Guide for the Blogger API, Templates and Customization a variant of bloggerprogramming.com

A public corruption story with roots deeply embedded with elected officials Launched: 2008

Contra Costa Watch - details on how some leaders in the county allowed events to unfold, how billions were stolen and how the Contra Costa Bar Association lootec the public

Real People, Real Issues, A Battle of life and death Launched: 2016

During the 1980s the deaths of the unfortunate were being found over the decades not much had changed

Former PG&E Programmer, Arson, Shootings and Explosion Target Launched: 2012

Covered by a software developer once gainfully employed ~ Once an Arson Target You'll Never Be The Same

The good, great, bad, tragic and ugly or meeting friends (new, old, family) or better Blind Dates Launched: 2017

Starbucks highly criticized by the press when a store manager decided arresting two non-paying customers. The became a lesson in corporate policy.

Following Fires, Explosions, REITs, Hedge Funds Launched: 2016

This blog came to life after endless rebukes from Contra Costa County Fire protection District and San Ramon Valley Fire

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