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Meyers Nave Helps Keep Concord Attorney From Harassing Judge

Meyers Nave Helps Keep Concord Attorney From Harassing Judge

Oakland, CA – Former Contra Costa County Superior Court Judge Peter Spinetta prevailed in having a restraining order upheld against Concord lawyer James Disney.
The decision, issued by a visiting judge in Contra Costa Superior Court in October of 2006, was upheld by a state appeals court.
Meyers Nave attorneys Kimberly Drake and Joe Quinn represented Judge Spinetta at trial and in the appellate court. Disney became increasingly aggressive towards Spinetta following Spinetta presiding over his divorce proceedings. Disney shouted at the judge in public, wrote threatening letters to him, and even showed up at the judge’s retirement community. Disney was also known to glare at the judge in his courtroom in Martinez from the spectator’s area several times a month. The order was issued after Disney became incensed that he was not allowed to enter the courtroom where Spinetta presided via the special entrance for lawyers. Disney threw his shoes and attempted to kick an officer who tried to restrain him.
“It is unfortunate what Judge Spinetta was forced to endure following the exercise of his judicial duties. However, we are pleased to have attained a positive result for our client. This case highlights that we represent judges and the judicial council in litigation in addition to the extensive work we do with counties, cities, and municipalities,” said Kim Colwell, a principal at Meyers Nave.

Related Press

San Francisco Chronicle – (10/24/2007) – “Court Upholds Order for Concord Attorney to Stay Away from Judge” 
Contra Costa Times – (10/26/2007) – “Judge’s Restraining Order Against Attorney Upheld”


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