The Pete Bennett Research Files

The Pete Bennett Research Files

There are many moving parts to a highly fluid set of long running incidents involving arson, extortion and fraud leading to or stemming from public corruption, corrupt member of the Contra Costa Bar Association, Judges, Attorneys and Public Officials have been removed from the Bench, The Bar and Office/ When the FBI arrested police officers in 2011 there were arrested by SA Ken Karch who arrived at my house in connection to what should be considered an Cyber Terrorism Event

The Local Files Covered Bay Area   (1978 to 2018)

Pete Bennett landed in the San Francisco Bay Area in January 1978 but in June relocated to Walnut Creek CA to work on properties owned by family.  By the mid-80s was the owner of a large cabinet and millwork shop but life was interrupted in 1987 with a life changing injury.  The ensuing litigation became
In 1979, chemical shed exploded very near Santa Monica Drive in Pleasant Hill CA, then a car was burning on the farm, the next morning detectives arrived . In 1979, chemical shed exploded very near Santa Monica Drive in Pleasant Hill CA

The FBI Investigations

The first round was in mid-80s crime wave of drugs, murders and arson that hit Pittsburg CA hard, my cabinet shop was in the middle, in 1982 police officers killed my employee, then someone killed my customer in Dublin CA, then my friend that worked at the now former Safeway on Railroad Ave. 

The Global Investigation

Learn when parts of the investigation started

The 9/11 Files

Learn when parts of the investigation started

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    The CPUC is the state agency that oversees rail safety; this includes freight, inter-city and commuter railroads, rail transit and rail crossings.
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    The CPUC also administers safety oversight and enforcement of passenger carriers (limousines, shuttles, etc.).
    CPUC Regulates Water
    The CPUC investigates water and sewer system service quality issues, analyzes, and processes utility rate change requests.

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