Several minutes after the line exploded in San Bruno California. Less that ten years later the town of Paradise burned to the ground nearlly killing the ex-wife of Pete Bennett but note that Mr. Bennett was driving his 1987 F-250 on NB 680 in Danville during August 2004 when his truck expoded into a ball of fire.
The only deputy to respond is huge part of the corruption cases in Contra Costa County.

Welcome to PG&E Witness

Gavin Newsom

Governor State of California

Jerry Brown

Former Governor State of California

Michael Peevey

President of California Public Utilities Commission

Pete Bennett

2004 - Before oraclevpeoplesoft.com

Peter A. Darbee

Former CEO of PG&E

Nathanial Greenan

Final moments of drummer who performed at Vinnies Bar March 2012

Suicide Awareness Month

Suicide Awareness September 23rd, 2013

The Strack Murders

Bennett relatives September 27rd, 2014

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Oracle World 2009

Pete Bennett

2004 Founder of nomoreh1b.com

Dr. Brian Peterson

Coroner of Contra Costa County

xJaycee Dugard

1991 Kidnapping victim recovered in 2011

Phillip Garrido

1991 Kidnapper of Jaycee Dugard

Ashely Turton

2010 Duke/Progress Merger

2013 The Dead Witness Collage

Created by Pete Bennett during 2014 as with each passing year the painful observation persons near were being killed

The Honorable Judge William Alsup

PG&E Judge San Bruno Conviction

Honorable Judge Salas

Father, Mother and Son (RIP)

Paget Alves

Former Sprint Executive

Paget Alves

Former Sprint Executive

Captain Steve Skinner

Walnut Creek Bomb Squad,Investigating Detective

Captain Steve Skinner

Walnut Creek Bomb Squad,Investigating Detective


Walnut Creek Bomb Squad,Investigating Detective

Captain Steve Skinner

Walnut Creek Bomb Squad,Investigating Detective

Captain Steve Skinner

Walnut Creek Bomb Squad,Investigating Detective

Captain Steve Skinner

Walnut Creek Bomb Squad,Investigating Detective

Another Customer of Pete Bennett indicted (again)

Pete worked for Autonomic Software, Inc. in 2004, The son was around 20 years old the father was CEO. I quit because of the operation was sketchy, they complained about every billing even though I was not billing for work I had completed connected to the project.

There is another connection between my SBC Global Project during 2001 where a virus known as Nimda was added to my SBC Issued laptop. That virus exited on 9/18/2001 and destroyed 20 million systems and servers running Windows Operating systems.

Department of Justice
U.S. Attorney’s Office
Middle District of Tennessee

Monday, September 13, 2021

California Software Company Executives Charged In Conspiracy To Defraud The Tennessee Valley Authority

Company Allegedly Sought More Than $300,000 in Fraudulent Incentive Payments from TVA Through Software Installation in Rutherford County Schools

NASHVILLE – A seven-count indictment unsealed Friday charged two Danville, California men with conspiracy to defraud the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) of more than $300,000, announced Acting U.S. Attorney Mary Jane Stewart for the Middle District of Tennessee. 

Anthony Gigliotti, 74, the CEO of Autonomic Software, Inc., (Autonomic) was charged with conspiracy to commit wire fraud, three counts of mail fraud, and three counts of wire fraud.  Alexander Gigliotti, 36, the Vice President of Autonomic, was charged with conspiracy to commit wire fraud.  Both were arrested by U.S. Marshals in Danville, California on Friday and will appear in the Middle District of Tennessee at a later date for further proceedings. 

According to the indictment, Autonomic was a software company located in Danville, California, which provided a variety of software to private and public sector organizations.  In 2016, Autonomic installed power management software in Rutherford County school systems, in connection with TVA’s EnergyRight program, an incentive-based program designed to save energy and reduce costs through the installation of energy-saving software.  To be eligible for the energy conservation funds, customers were required to pay a portion of the software materials costs.

Instead of following the program requirements, Autonomic represented to the Rutherford County School District that schools would not incur any costs associated with the software installation.  Following the installation of the software, Autonomic submitted 47 invoices, totaling $588,240 to Lockheed Martin, the contract administrator of the EnergyRight program.  The invoices were made out to Rutherford County Schools and represented that each school incurred costs associated with Autonomic’s software installation.

Alexander Gigliotti also sent an email to a Lockheed Martin representative in support of seeking the incentive payments from TVA, with a breakdown of an invoice regarding purported costs incurred by Rutherford County Schools, claiming that the school paid $22 per computer related to software and $8 per computer related to support.  In fact, Rutherford County Schools did not incur any costs associated with any invoice from Autonomic.  Lockheed Martin then mailed incentive payments to Autonomic that corresponded to each invoice.

The Autonomic software failed to function as initially represented and approximately one year after the installation, Rutherford County Schools purchased energy saving software that could effectively quantify energy savings and which cost substantially less than Autonomic’s total purported materials costs.

The indictment also alleges that Anthony Gigliotti lied to TVA agents by falsely stating that Alexander Gigliotti was not involved in any of the previous TVA or school system work. 

If convicted, the defendants face up to 20 years in prison.

This case was investigated by the TVA Office of Inspector General and is being prosecuted by Assistant U.S. Attorney Sara Beth Myers.

An indictment is merely an accusation.  The defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. 

# # # # #


Financial Fraud
David Boling Public Affairs Officer 615-736-5956


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