Exploding Pants (2006) just like Bennett's Exploding Truck (2004)

Exploding Pants (2006)

Former FBI Agent Frank Doyle Jr.

This FBI agent arrived at Mainframe Designs located 546 Bliss Ave, Pittsburg CA just weeks after shop owner Pete Bennett lost part of his left hand.   Bennett's hand came very close to amputation when a grinding wheel was mounted on a Rockwell Shaper w th 3/4" spindle.   Bennett's mistake was listening Floyd Brown Sr. say it was mounted correctly, we were both wrong but Bennett long suspected it was deliberate.

The concurrent corruption investigation with the Pittsburg Police Department

There is so much more to the the Frank Doyle Jr. part of my story.

MythBusters (TV Series) Exploding Pants (2006) Plot Summaries The team tries out a myth of farm workers' pants igniting, using materials from fertilizer to explosives, while the boys waste money on nifty fuel-saving devices found on the Internet, and remind us that biodiesel (cooking oil!) is a semi-viable fuel alternative. —HobbesPDX

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