The 15M Payoff for Destroying ENRON/SEC Documents

Building 7 was one of New York City's larger buildings. A sleek bronze-colored skyscraper with a trapezoidal footprint, it occupied an entire city block and rose over 600 feet above street level.

Built in 1985, it was formerly the headquarters of the junk-bond firm Drexel Burnham Lambert, which contributed to the Savings and Loans collapse, prompting the $500-billion taxpayer-underwritten bailout of the latter 1980s. At the time of its destruction, it exclusively housed government agencies and financial institutions. It contained offices of the IRS, Secret Service, and SEC.
TenantSquare FeetFloorIndustry
Salomon Smith Barney1,202,900GRND,1-6,13,18-46Financial Institution
IRS Regional Council90,43024, 25Government
U.S. Secret Service85,3439,10Government
American Express Bank International106,1177,8,13Financial Institution
Standard Chartered Bank111,39810,13,26,27Financial Institution
Provident Financial Management9,0007,13Financial Institution
ITT Hartford Insurance Group122,59019-21[Insurance]
First State Management Group, Inc4,00021Insurance
Federal Home Loan Bank47,49022Financial Institution
NAIC Securities22,50019Insurance
Securities & Exchange Commission106,11711,12,13Government
Mayor's Office of Emergency Mgmt45,81523Government

This list is based on a table published by, which did not include CIA, whose tenancy was disclosed after the attack in the New York Times article1  

One of the most interesting tenants was then-Mayor Giuliani's Office of Emergency Management, and its emergency command center on the 23rd floor. This floor received 15 million dollars worth of renovations, including independent and secure air and water supplies, and bullet and bomb resistant windows designed to withstand 200 MPH winds. 2

The 1993 bombing must have been part of the rationale for the command center, which overlooked the Twin Towers, a prime terrorist target.

How curious that on the day of the attack, Guiliani and his entourage set up shop in a different headquarters, abandoning the special bunker designed precisely for such an event. 3

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